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Custom Tarot Cards

A Probable Future For Your Custom Printed Tarot Card Designs

Custom Tarot Cards are for people who are passionate about using tarot and oracle cards to share their expertise and insight. Each individual personalized tarot card in the deck has a different meaning. Since ancient times, those who believe in Tarot reading playing cards have employed tarot cards to foretell the solutions to their futuristic questions.

Our team at Sharda Cards prints for you premium quality custom tarot cards, packaging and accessories. Pick and make your own designs for the instructions, booklets, packaging, card size, and quantity of cards. Additionally, our professional full-service graphic art staff is always available to help you.

Custom Tarot Cards
A Set of Cards Made With your Specification

The variety of requirements for personalized Tarot cards creates a learning curve for producers. Tarot cards that are manufactured to order come in two sizes: poker size (3.5″ X 2.5″) or oversized playing cards (4.42 X 2.78″). Depending on the client’s requirements, the deck may have 33 cards, a deck of cards, or as much as 110 cards. We have always admired how talented and imaginative the Tarot card designers were when it came to their design work. You can utilize our art templates to create your personalized tarot or oracle cards anytime.

Personalization In Full
Right At Your Hand

We create high-quality tarot cards and related accessories that showcase all of your unique style and preferred preferences, from bespoke card sizes to your own artwork. You can add manuals, instructions, and any other unique or conventional parts to your own tarot cards. 

  • Choose your own pieces of art or photography, or utilize stock photos.
  • Select from the best card materials available.
  • Utilize a certain card size or shape.
  • Each card should have your design on both sides.
  • Select the appropriate custom-printed packaging for your needs (tuck or setup boxes, cases, tins, etc.).

Options For Packaging With Your Designs In Mind

  • Personalized Tuck Boxes
  • Two-Part Boxes with Custom Printing
  • Tins with Custom Prints (min. 1,000)
  • Brochures and Guidelines
  • Shrink-Wrapping is an option.
  • Any & Every Accessory
  • Always includes full assembly

Choose the Best Custom Tarot Cards from Sharda Cards.
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