Customize Your Playing Cards

We provide Custom Printed Playing Cards, Customized Cards, Personalized Tarot & Flash Cards & More!

Customize Your Game Cards

We provide Custom Printed Playing Cards, Customized Cards, Personalized Tarot & Flash Cards & More!

Get various types of Customized products

We provide customized Flash cards, Tarot cards & Educational cards in bulk and in all types of sizes. 

About Sharda Playing Cards

Highest Quality Custom Printing

Sharda Cards Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1941, is a family-owned business that has manufactured millions of decks of personalized playing cards for individuals and businesses across the globe. We are able to give our customers unmatched service and industry-leading quality products because of our extensive and environment friendly manufacturing capabilities, as well as our many years of expertise and significant product knowledge.
Best Prices & Offers
We guarantee lower prices and promise amazing offers.
80+ Years of Experience
With our experience, we will help you select the right kind of product and address any other concerns you may have.
On Time Delivery
Sit back and relax once you’ve placed an order with us; we’ve got you covered.
Assured Quality
We strive to provide you with products only after their quality has been assured.

Our Services

The Sharda Custom Playing Card Company has created high-quality customized playing cards for more than 500 companies, including JSW, Sepoy, Shemaroo bollywood, and Sterling Reserve. There are 52 different ways to express yourself visually and verbally in each deck.

Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Cards are mainly used for Highlighting your Company’s Logo, Conveying your Brand’s Message or Showcasing your Company’s Products in 55 different ways.

Custom Playing Cards are perfect for any Company looking for Branding & Marketing of their Products, Festive Gifting, Wedding Favors, Corporate Gifting, Trade Shows, Startups or any Social Events.

Custom Game Cards

We are a Professional Card Game Manufacturer that does Custom Game Card Printing for Game Developers and Companies.

Our team of specialists can guide you with any concerns you have regarding card game printing, from choosing the paper quality to packaging.

Playing Cards

We offer high quality playing cards to our customers, which are available across Mumbai and most of the cities in India. The materials and production processes we use for manufacturing these playing cards meet global conservation and quality standards. Our use of cutting-edge printing technology puts us way ahead of the competition, with a huge range of standard-size playing cards available to order on an immediate basis.

What our clients say about us!

We have been and are privileged to work with many leading global brands, top academic and public institutions, as well as some amazing individuals, families, and small businesses.

“I ordered four different projects. Each one of them was easy and the results were perfect. The products came very quickly and I am over the top excited. I have recommended them again and again. Fun gift- everybody is smiling when they receive it.

Peggy S.

I have ordered from a number of different companies and YOD is by far the best. By far! Not only is the product great but the customer service is unbeatable. I can't imagine ordering from anyone else.

— David F.

We have all been impressed with the quality of the deck of cards. And the images we uploaded turned out great! It is a wonderful way to preserve family memories while playing games together!

— Brad H.

I completed a custom deck with a different photo for each card. Very easy and there was help when I needed it. Deck came out great, I've placed a second order for more. Delivery was under 2 weeks in both cases.

— Laurence P.

Sharda Cards Never Fails When It Comes To Creating Custom Orders.

Our printing and manufacturing facility produces the majority of your products. Rather than waiting weeks or even months for your items to be outsourced from another country, we have the team, tools, and equipment to make nearly all of your products right here. You will receive your order faster and at a lower cost—and, most importantly, our customer service team is available to assist you seven days a week!

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